Boundaries (these are different than our school boundaries): 
North of 200 South to 5600 North in Corinne

Who to call if your child is sick?
Ms. Sandy 734-4910
Transportation 734-4839

Mainstream/Model Students:
Are you interested in having your child attend the ELC as a mainstream/model student? A model student is a student who can be an example of proper behavior for the other children in the classroom.
Below are the steps you need to follow to have your child added to our wait list of possible model students.  Contact Preschool Coordinator Tina Herbert 

1. Call (435) 744-2468 to add your child to the waiting list.
2. When openings become available you will be contacted.

​Mainstream Student Tuition Schedule

  • 2 days per week $70

  • Full Year tuition paid by September 30, 10% discount

Children with Special Needs
Are you concerned about your child's developmental progress?
Do you feel that they might be behind with their speech, developmental progress or social skills?
As part of Child Find we conduct testing on a monthly basis during the school year to identify children who qualify for special education services. Contact Preschool Coordinator AshLee Nelson at 435-744-2468 to set up a testing date.
Children who qualify for special education services at one of the district preschools attend without tuition payments and will receive district transportation.

Box Elder School District Preschool Mainstreamer Policies
Special Education preschool is a program mandated by law designed to give students who have developing challenges an opportunity to receive services to support them in emerging skills and knowledge that brings them back to the level of typical developing peers. Mainstream students are used in the classroom to support students with developmental challenges in communication, behavior, motor, academic skills, and adaptive behavior. All students are welcome to attend.
Helpful behaviors for the students to have mastered include:

Following directions, the first time, staying with the group, and are willing to participate in all activities

Appropriate social behaviors by interacting with peers, taking turns, and sharing

Display appropriate functional skills by being potty trained during the day (is in underwear with infrequent accidents).

Parents are encouraged to call Preschool Coordinator Tina Herbert at 435-744-2468 to request to be put on the mainstream list, or to have your child tested if you believe they have developmental challenges. The candidate must be 3-5 years old. If there is available space in the preschool class in your boundary, you will be contacted by the school secretary, teacher, or school principal. Available times are Monday and Thursday mornings, Monday and Thursday afternoons, Tuesday and Friday mornings, or Tuesday and Friday afternoons.
You will be responsible to transport your child to and from school. Please send the following
items with your child:
 A change of clothes in case of an accident or spill
 A backpack large enough to hold 8 ½ x 11” paper

*We do not accept mainstream students who are of kindergarten age as of September 1.

Box Elder Learning Standards (BELS) for Families 3-4 year old preschool
Attending and Participating

  • My student will stay with the group in the activity area.

  • My student will attend to activities by keeping their hands and feet to themselves, turning their body toward the teacher or activity, and watching the teacher, peers, or materials.

  • My student will appropriately participate in activities by vocalizing, moving their body, and handling materials.

    Following Routines and Directions

  • My student will follow routines by transitioning between activities. They will stop their current activity and move to a new area or line up.

  • My student will follow routines by accepting simple changes in routines without needing to hear the direction given multiple times and without crying or tantruming.

  • My student will follow directions that include one step.

  • My student will follow directions that include two simple steps.

    Social Interactions

  • My student will communicate feelings, needs and wants using a variety of methods (i.e. pictures, gestures, signs, vocalizations, word approximations, words, etc.).

  • My student will respond or comment when another child interacts with him or her.

  • My student will begin interactions with another child.

  • My student will begin to recognize feelings and emotions.

  • My student will help, take turns, and share in a group.